The Inpatient Option: Managing Refractory Migraines with Comprehensive Care

Merle Diamond, MD, Co-Medical Director, the Diamond Headache Inpatient Program at AMITA Health Saint Joseph Hospital Chicago — one of just three in the United States — discusses the value of inpatient care for patients with prolonged, severe migraines who have not responded to outpatient treatment.

Dr. Diamond explains why a dedicated hospital program can offer the right setting for breaking the cycle of refractory migraines by offering more aggressive treatment while safely managing changes in medication. She also reviews the program’s combined modalities, specialized staff and suite of tools and educational programs that help patients prevent future hospitalization or emergency visits.

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Merle Diamond, MD

Merle Diamond, MD

President, Managing Director, Diamond Headache Clinic

Dr. Diamond has contributed numerous articles to the medical literature, and has lectured extensively on various headache subjects, particularly the treatment of headache in the emergency department, and hormones and headache.